Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK)

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Someone wise and famous – Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Christopher, possibly Jeremy Clarkson – mused on the random act of kindness that helps a passing traveller.

In honour of this most noble and selfless of human acts we have set up a bikezen Roll of Honour.

1) Richard Sudbury – @delboydesigner (along with Steve Cooke) for designing and producing the bikezen trip T-shirts. A truly top bloke.

TeeBlackFront                                                                                 TeeBlackBack

2) Laura Crew – For letting Jon (@warmgazpacho) ride Lhasa to Kathmadu leaving her with 3 young children. She will be cononised is due course.

3) Andrew and Sunhyi Todd – for ouitstanding hospitality and the litre bottle of Highland Park 1998 to be drunk at Mount Everest.



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