Fusion Bay

Fusion Bay

Or How We Found The Greatest Restaurant on Earth

If I read a Trip Advisor comment that read ‘the greatest restaurant on Earth!’ Possibly followed by several exclamation marks, I’d be skeptical, dismissive even, and maybe suggest that anybody who wrote such stuff must be an idiot

However, let me begin, the Fusion Bay restaurant in Fort Kochi, Kerula, India, is The Greatest Restaurant on Earth! Now obviously, I’ve not been to every restaurant on Earth to confirm this claim, but based on the last two meals at the Fusion Bay, the odds of finding a better restaurant are vanishingly small

The restaurant has a rather unprepossessing exterior, it’s ok, but that’s about all. The interior is clean, tidy and modern. However, I’m no restaurant critic, so before I start writing things like ‘the three tomato slices contrasted well with the folded banana leaf presentation, but I felt that the slightly charred top leaf element was so 2013′, let me tell you about the meal I had.

The fish curry was an all out assault on the taste buds. It looked at me as if to say,

“Ok white boy, you’re a middle aged, middle class European! You’ve eaten in many restaurants? Many countries? Oh! And some if them Michelin starred? Well, you’ve not been here! Try some of this!”

The fish was rich and meaty, the sparse, dry sauce that it was cooked in was hot, spicy, salty from the sea and rich with coconut. It hit you and hit you hard. Every forkful delivering more reserves of flavour than the last. The dish never relented, there was no mid-dish complacency here, where, under normal circumstance, no matter how delicious the food is, by about half way through, you’re just eating. No, not this time! My taste buds were out flanked, out manoeuvred and out smarted at every mouthful. It was relentless. At the end of the meal, when I’d finally cleaned the banana leaf of every speck of sauce with my last remaining crumb of chapatti, I slumped backing into my seat, feeling, I’d imagine, like an elite athlete who’s just completed the King of the Mountains section of the Tour de France – physically and mentally spent, yet utterly elated.

To anyone readings this who’s not in Kerala, you might, justifiably, think that this has no relevance, trust me; the food is so delicious and the prices so reasonable, it’s worth the cost of the airfare alone.



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